Accessorizing to our age


Looking and feeling good at any age is easier than some people might think. And it´s easier if we follow some tips and tricks when selecting what accessories to wear.


Accessorizing to our age by Lorena Sanabria on


At our 20s we enjoy the freedom of wearing colors and pieces as bold and oversized as we dare, to express our mood and personality. It´s time to wear the most outrageous accessories in the most unconventional materials. We just need to worry about what flatters our body: necklaces that make a short neck look slim and longer, earrings that bring balance to the shape of our face and enhance our best angles.

Once we are over our first youth, let’s say our 30s and 40s, many of us want to achieve a modern and sophisticated look. Precious stones and metals in modest sizes and colors become part of our daily look. We develop the ability to combine them with brighter pieces maybe less expensive, with exquisite grace. Some of the pieces we loved in the past don’t suit us anymore, they look cheap, dated or a bit childish. It´s time to let them go and to give space to those flattering pieces that reflect our style and complete our outfits.

Between our 40s and 50s we know what we like and what looks good on us. We want to look young and exclusive. Maybe we wear our old gold chain with a new pendant in a modern design splashed with diamonds. Of our mini collection of voluminous and colorful earrings covered with crystals and pearls, very 80s, we keep one or two pairs, those in neutral or metallic tones and cleaner form, and we wear them on special occasions.

In our 50s and 60s we simply wear our favorite jewelry every day! These pieces have a classic design, are of the highest quality and look good on almost anything. It’s a great idea to buy some accessories that bring freshness to our look. I see women in these ages being more daring than many young girls, and I love it! To have fun with our accessories, taking into account what flatters us, makes us look interesting and attractive. It’s also time to start wearing fabulous scarves, necklaces and bracelets as secret weapons.

Towards our second youth, from our 60s, we wear comfortable light pieces that bring us joy. Prefer to wear touches of color and fun from your neck and bellow, like on bracelets or a statement ring.

Regardless how old we are and look and what is our personal style, the most important thing is to achieve a cohesive look where volumes and tones speak to one another and are proportional to our body and clothes. When in doubt go for smaller pieces instead of the larger ones.

Now, some specific tips for each type of accessory:

Earrings, we love them big and colorful in our 20s, then they become more delicate and discreet the older we get.

Necklaces, on the other hand, go from delicate chains with small pendants, to statement pieces, to look grown up and sophisticated. Then they do double trick, since they distract from the signs of time. One string of pearls in your 20s turns into three, five and seven strings. Or just wear bigger pearls.

Bracelets allow the most exuberant personality to shine, at any age. The older we get, they bring the additional advantage of distracting from the marks of time, which become more visible just on our hands. A statement bracelet of high quality and classic design might be an excellent investment for a girl in her 20s, she might wear it through life.

Rings! Statement rings, as well as bold bracelets and necklaces are a great distraction from age signs. The higher the quality of the materials, the more elegant rings look, so as time passes and your wallet gets bigger, indulge yourself with noble materials and bigger gems. Keep statement rings that are fine bijoux and have sentimental value.

And whatever is your attitude towards rules and style, be sure to feel comfortable and self assured in what you wear, there is no better accessory than confidence!