Accessorize for the job you want!


You might have read something like this before: Dress for the job you want, not the one you have! This is an empowering invitation to  set our image and mindset towards our dream role. It might be our dream lifestyle or our dream job. The impact is reflected in how others perceive us and in how we feel and perform. This is a very useful resource that has been used by many women and men to help them successfully advance in their careers.

But taking it from words to actions may be another story. It can be intimidating or simply be out of question in ur current workplace. I have been in that position several times. One of the first and biggest job changes I was attempting to achieve implied to switch from operations to a business attire. I still remember the excitement. I was looking so much forward a wardrobe renewal, but at the same time I felt anxious and skeptical and a thousand questions popped into my head. Will I recognize myself in the mirror? Will I feel comfortable in those clothes? Will I be able to choose and wear the right things? the right way? How will my coworkers react? Will they feel threatened? Will my new look set distance among us? Will it look like I am trying too hard?

After a while I realized I wasn’t alone in doubt and that a great solution is to start with details and accessories, and I mean ALL accessories! not just jewelry but purses, briefcases, shoes, watches, scarves, shades, belts and every other detail that indicates: This girl is ready for the job!
bally flat boots lorenasanabriajewelry blogpost.jpgStart by looking around, see other persons that already are in your future position, notice what they wear. Adopt what suits you. Check in your wardrobe, you already have things that work. When possible, complete with some key pieces.

Keep in mind that the person behind the goals to achieve at work is of most importance for employers.  Use it to your advantage, feel inspired and give a glimpse of the brightest side of your personality through your accessories. And when you get the chance to interact, enchant them with assertive communication skills.

Dressing for a promotion in a business environment usually implies a more elegant look. Wear discrete, classic accessories in neutral tones. Don´t ever underestimate the power of  a nice pair of leather shoes and a briefcase of the highest quality.

lorenasanabriajewelry-blogpost-carolinereceveurIf you are looking for a position in a creative environment, don´t go too long, but allow yourself to wear one extravagant piece among your accessories , like a little pop of color or an unusual design.

To be authentic and to feel comfortable in your own skin is at least as important as what your cv holds. Use your accessories to help you make that first impression. Use them as a smooth way to face both the present and the opportunities to come. You will still fit in your group, only more… you! As well as you will give confidence to those who can help you get closer to your dream role. Let your accessories speak of someone with an interesting personality, self confident, someone able to adapt to the circumstances and authentic.

You say you feel comfortable changing accessories? Take a step forward and go for the whole outfit!

I wish you lots of success!