The key accessory we are all missing out

We might barely thought of our key ring moreover than as a functional object; something to keep our accesses together. Most people use any key chain they get in hand; and when able to choose, maybe we go for the prettiest one available. If we can, we will also choose a key holder that is easy to grab, not too heavy, strong enough to resist a fall, but smooth to the touch and easy to find in the bottom of our bag.


Our key chain may also tell a bit about our style, interests, profession and social status.If we give most value to elegance, maybe we carry our keys attached to a lustrous big golden disc. If we like glamour, maybe we carry something with sparkle, if we like to be trendy maybe our key chain has a feathery pom pom or a tassel. If we are playful, we might carry a bunch of charms; a mini tennis ball for the sporty, one notoriously handmade for the maker, a healing stone for the believer, and so on.

A talisman

We can also use our key holder as a symbol for ourselves, as a reminder. Maybe we are attempting a personal or professional goal and we want a little thing to keep reminding us on how capable we are to achieve it or how close we are to accomplish it. When doing it with determination, it might have as strong effect as our daily affirmations in front of the mirror.

Keyrings keep catching our attention unintentionally longer than their sisters the Bag Charms and their cousins the Bracelet Charms. They may even come with engraved encouraging words, but they lose their effect once we get used to them, unless we develop and anchor the habit of thinking of them and maybe touching them to “activate” their effect. Keyrings on the other hand are much easier to be seen as the symbolic access to our goals. And it can be any kind of goal. For instance, I could use a talisman to overcome my shiness every time I´m approaching a new potential retailer.

Whatever it is you could use an extra push for and you want to keep it present, this is the perfect object. Every time you grab your keys and key chain to close and open a door with your keys, you’ll get the chance to be reminded of that.

Personally, I am thanking and saying goodbye to my beaten Yuna doll, an old present from a dear friend to find calmness at a very hectic time of my life. Now I feel ready for a red leather circle to give me energy, focus and courage to keep moving forward the projects I believe so much in!

What does your key chain say about you? Do you love it?  Can you imagine a better option to carry your keys and a better ambassador of your personal style? And more important, What does your key chain tell you? Is there a better symbol to motivate you to get closer to something important  or something you might need to be reminded about? Consider choosing a new one or a series of key rings better suited to your aspirations than the one you have already. Use it in your favor and don´t forget to have fun on the search!

I wish you good luck with your talisman! 😉