Tutorial DIY earrings

Few things are as satisfying and empowering as creating something by ourselves. And I am one of those who love to get their hands dirty. From doing my own earrings as a teenager, cutting my hair and making furniture, my “Do It Yourself” list is long, makes me feel proud and, of course, has in many occasions given less than perfect results. But who cares if the adorable turquoise side table has an unpolished finish? It is pretty, stable and its’ imperfections are a reminder of what one is capable of when we set no limits to our ambitions. I love my turquoise side table!

This is a new year and I want to share with you the possibility to feel the incomparable satisfaction of creating something fabulous with few resources and basic skills. Don´t worry! I won’t ask you to make some furniture, but a lovely pair of pendants to upscale your hoop earrings. They are very easy to make and you might find the materials and tools at home.


Materials and tools:


1.       Choose a pair of beads in a colour and material of your preference. For this Project, side drilled drop shaped beads are ideal!  Here I am using a pair of side drilled quartz briolettes.

2.       Thin metal wire: copper, brass, steel or any other at hand. I am using 0,5 millimeters silver wire. My beads have 0,8mm holes but I prefer how they look wrapped in thinner wire.

3.       One or more pairs of thin hoop earrings from your jewelry box. Here I use two pairs in two different sizes, 10cm and 1cm.

4.       Wire cutter or nail clipper. Yes! Nail clippers make a perfect cut in thin metal wire.

5.       Round-nose pliers.

6.       Chain-nose pliers.

I´m sure you´ll find this at home; if not, handcraft stores and electronic division at hardware stores will provide you.

It´s a good idea to start working with inexpensive materials, until you are pleased with the result. There are plenty of options in materials as crystal beads and brass wire. Then you may want to make these pendants in more exclusive materials, like semi-precious stones and precious metals.

Let’s do it!

Step 1. Hold the wire from one end, insert it through the opening of the bead, leave some centimeters on one end and the rest of the wire on the other end, do not cut it from the bundle.


Step 2. Bring both sides of the wire up and pinch them together with the chain nose pliers.


Step 3. Make a loop big enough to place through your hoop earrings.

Step 4. Use both cones of the round-nose pliers to complete the shape of the loop and its sides.


Step 5. Now begin wrapping the bead from the top. For the first wrap, you want to hold the loop tight so it stays in position, the pliers make it easy.

Step 6. Now continue wrapping downwards until the wire has covered the hole in the bead, one wire tight aside the other. I find it easier to do this by holding the bead on one hand and wrapping with the other hand.


Step 7. Trim the excess of wire.


Step 8. Round the loop, re-adjust its placement and…


Step 9. … trim the excess of wire on the other end.


Step 10. Now insert the pendant in your old hoop earrings and Voilà! There you have a lovely earring with a delicate touch of movement and sparkle! 

See them here in two hoops in different sizes.


Aren´t they super easy to make? I use them very often in one or other hoop size depending on the occasion and my outfit. I love their touch of delicate sparkle and soft movement, so feminine!