A necklace for each neck

Hi! In this occasion, I want to share with you some of the best tricks to help balance the upper side of your body. Necklaces, brooches and scarves are all welcome to help on this mission!

Long neck


Some of the pieces that look fantastic on an elongated neck are:

Short scarves, knitted tight to the neck

Bow ties

Short statement necklaces


 Some important considerations about chockers: Yes, they are trendy now and in upcoming seasons, but no, they don´t suit every style nor every age. Big chokers look great on younger women with long necks, for informal looks and for a night out. For the office or a classic elegant look, prefer a scarf.

Long necklaces

You might have heard that turtle neck sweaters and closed tops are the ones that suit best to your elegant elongated neck. Take advantage of them and wear your favourite long chains on them.

Another way to successfully style a long necklace and avoid their elongating effect is adding a couple of shorter chains. Wear the shortest one to the base of your neck or even higher.

Deep necklines

Wear Deep necklines with statement short necklaces and chockers.

Short necks


Create the illusion of a longer neck by letting your long thin necklaces trace a straight line from the base of your neck downwards. Wear shirts and V neck tops with delicate necklaces with the same silhouette. Thin chains and subtle colours, as well as long scarves help to create this same lengthening illusion. Avoid big volumes around the neck. No tight scarves around it, nor the super trendy choker in black lace or velvet will do more than strangling the harmony of your proportions.

Accessories for the big busted3

If you have big boobs and you want to draw eyes away from your collarbone, try wearing a brooch high above your bust. This and thin short delicate chains and soft necklines are ideal. Avoid bright colours and big volumes on the neckline or on scarves. Bring attention down to your arms with statement bracelets, rings and up to your earrings.


Let me hear your comments on this article and please share your own tips on how you style and give balance to your look. Let your accessories work for you!