Day to night jewelry

What woman doesn’t love the versatility of her key pieces? As in clothes, jewelry provides key pieces that take us from day to night in style and properly dressed for the occasion, being it a day in the office or a fancy dinner at a restaurant.

This trend grows with every season as women gain our well-deserved equal position in society and specially in the professional world. But professional success doesn’t necessarily come with a masculine look, we can be ourselves and keep our femininity if that´s what we want. Let me share with you some tips and ideas on key jewelry pieces that are perfect allies to create multiple looks to take you from a successful day at work to a social event at night!

Pure metal!

Pieces in solid metal, silver pink or yellow gold, in precious metals, platted or imitation, will look modern in the office and elegant and fancy on a night out. Choose several complementing pieces in the same tone and finish, to create a cohesive look. Big earrings and an eye-catching ring are a good team. Or discrete earrings and a statement bracelet! Play with different ideas and find the right combination for you, the key as always is to create balance between accessories and with the whole look.

ruffled bold bracelet and ring

Neutral tones

Prefer metals, silver and gold, as well as white and black sparkle, great if it is diamonds, but no worries, there are also plenty of options out there to all budgets reach. Go for accessories in royal blue if they match or contrast with your outfit, but in general avoid bright colours that bring other qualities than elegance, like orange, pink or yellow; unless they come in genuine gemstones, they match your dress or top or they match your personality.

Dangling earrings

The dazzling movement of pendants is synonymous with delicate flirt. Ideal allies for nights out, and perfect for the day when it has none or tiny sparkle and neutral natural colours, like pearls.

pillar of light earring


are a classic like no other accessory! My biggest problem with pearls is that they tend to look too conservative. I counter that effect by using oversized pearls or adding an irreverent twist to the design. Another way to wear pearls as a versatile accessory is layering pearl necklaces. That look is both modern and fabulous over a silk blouse and a jacket as over a t-shirt. They will make you look outstanding both at a professional meeting as for a date out of any nature.

Lorena DIY earrings

Measured sparkle

Choose between one representative rock, 5 to 7 mm big or several tiny brilliants. What is important is to control the balance between the amount and size of shine, if you go too big or too sparkly to the office, it will look heavy and out of context.

ruffled hoop earring

Sleek hoop earrings

are never wrong. Wear them for the day as big as you feel comfortable with but don´t let them take too much attention from your overall look at work. At night they will look super cool joined by great attitude. When feeling extra bold, go for hoop in innovative designs with simple lines.

pearl necklace

Long necklaces

A long pearls necklace looks great, day and night. Give it two rounds in the morning for an elegant classic look and wear it loose and long, for a dramatic look on a date at night.

Enjoy your key jewelry and make your accessories work for you!