10 favourite flowers from the 2017 jewelry garden

Summer is coming and flowers do their habitual come back in silky vaporous dresses and blouses. I’m not very fond of patterns and I find it a bit hard to design a jewelry piece with the form of a flower that doesn´t look too old fashioned or childish. So, I have been looking what other design houses bring to the garden this year, trying to break my own paradigms. Guess what! I found very nice pieces, even a few I would love to wear.

Kopia av Frescas del jardín2

I notice that floral and other traditionally whimsical themes adopt shapes, materials and colours to denote abundance and luxury in an innovative way, and become darker and mature, like black flowers and sexy flowers. Here come some nice jewelry and bijoux pieces from some of the most renowned design houses in the world. These are pieces I prefer above others, because they tend to be less literal, appeal to more than one body shape and their designs have more potential to last more seasons to come. If you find them out of reach, don´t worry, you will most probably find an affordable option in the market.

This spring-summer, from the green and flourishing garden, my top 10 jewelry pieces are:


  1. Dangling skinny earrings that bring sexiness with their movement to an otherwise too cute design. The proportions are great and the colour is very summery (Designer: Jennifer Meyer).


  1. Bold colorful earrings. These combine a whole garden with several flowers and a gorgeous butterfly in two tones. These are earrings for a self-confident woman who is not afraid of turning heads. (Dolce&Gabbana)


  1. The summer headband in elegant white silk takes the traditionally playful adornment to another level. This piece is so gorgeous that even the rockiest girl would agree on wearing it with loose hair during the weekend, on a date out with the girls or a walk in the city. (Rosantica)


  1. I love statement necklaces that master the art of combining contrasting elements. The big size of the flowers, the surface finish of each petal and the hardness of the golden metal breaks the cuteness of this garland to create a spectacular frame (Oscar de la Renta)


  1. Another lovely idea is a necklace with a big flower in front, hanging over metal and a leather band. Black and white petals bring elegance and a modern twist. (Marni)



6. For a delicate look, nothing better than a thin gold necklace or bracelet. I love the artisanal look by using the golden thread to draw the silhouette of pretty flowers, fun and fresh (Pippa Small)


  1. Another artisanal work that is charming and exquisite is the art of hand-shaped silk flowers. A brooch like this is feminine and elegant, elevating any outfit to higher levels and giving the message that you appreciate uniqueness and beauty. For the lady who finds it too pricy, there are always affordable versions. (Gucci)


  1. A statement flower with strong symmetry, radial lines and using black and white, is both elegant and edgy. The perfect party ring to wear from day to night on well-cared hands. (Alice Cicolini)


  1. Carved mother of Pearl has been present for ages. But when you add black spinel or diamonds as part of their stigma, they turn into a modern, even more luxurious adornment. Wear them in unexpected places, like as cufflinks. I can hardly imagine a better amulet to an important business meeting (Sebastian Schildt)


  1. A Victorian flower is very appropriate this season. Clear lines and stones in contrasting colours add drama to any outfit. (Noor Fares)


Which one is your favourite? If I launch a new flower design tomorrow, what would it look like in order to appeal to YOU? Leave me your comment here and HELP ME design the next collection. I promise, it will be a paradise!