How to style the Bold Earrings trend

Big bold statement earrings are among the most notorious trends the second half of 2017, but we know this trend is not new. Do you remember the earrings that our mothers, older sisters and ourselves used to wear 30 years ago? It was all about colour and volume, big volume!

Style bold statement earrings trend

A trend with reminiscences of the 80s

Enamelled clip earrings in solid colour blocks, pastels or vibrant; thick, big and intricate golden hoops; geometric forms; they were all a hit in the 80s.

80s earring and look
Reminiscenses from the 80’s

zara earrings tofs acqua

Luckily, this new trend comes back with a few key updates. Today’s bold earrings combine textures and are made of new and better materials, like these fabulous earrings from Zara, that combine sparkly pale pink crystals with silky and vibrant turquoise threads. In some pieces, we even see the use of silhouettes instead of the old solid pieces, making them look lighter despite their size.


Metallics that make a statement!


We have left behind the heavy and elaborate hoops from over three decades ago. We keep the big proportions and welcome light lines that trace thin golden or silver lines, with a twist in their design, like Simone Rocha’s flower hoops and Lorena Sanabria’s Ruffled Hoop earrings, available here


Other designs are voluminous and thick, yet modern. A big plus is to add the super trendy colour Silver, like these Ellery bold earrings.


How to combine bold earrings with your clothes

These flamboyant accessories grab a lot of attention, so it is important to choose wisely what to wear with them. Create balance and harmony or go for a dynamic contrast, always in line with your personal style.

Statement earrings in bright colours look fabulous over a white or ivory top, like these bronze and green wool earrings from the Greek designer Katerina Makriyianni.

Sparkly and metallic earrings look great over white and black clothes. Some design houses propose interesting contrasts wearing them over colourful and patterned clothes like Marni, known by its over dimensioned and colourful style. In this case the message is clear: More is more! No single element competes against the other, rather complements it.


Keep your style!

The important thing about this and some of the other latest trends is that we have a wide variety of options to choose from. In my case, you may have noticed from my designs that I am more of a conservative 😊. The boldest of my pieces when it comes to earrings are the Ruffled Hoops and Pillars of Light pendants.

Zarcillos XL, como llevarlos
Statement earrings by Lorena Sanabria Jewelry

With what do I wear them? I close my eyes and I imagine myself in a monochromatic navy-blue outfit from top to toes. I look in my closet and see a silk blouse with V neck, skinny jeans, pumps, my hair in a high ponytail and smoky eyes. What’s the occasion? A day event or a night out with Mr. S.