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I find design and form, fashion, cultures and people very interesting.  I have explored these interests in different ways since I can remember.

I started making accessories when I was a teenager. My first earrings were made of insulated copper wire from my dad´s stuff. I loved the vibrant colors of the plastic cover and the fact that I could easily mold them. They were kind of heavy though.


But that was long time ago! Nowadays I work in Silver, it is an amazing material to work with. I warmly invite you to follow my journey as jewelry designer and entrepreneur.


I studied Silversmithing and Jewelry Design at Folkuniversitetet, in Stockholm. It was a great one and a half-year of learning and sharing my passion with other students by the hand of two well experienced and highly educated teachers from Konstfack, Ann-Sofi Forsman and Rolf Lindståhl.

Although, I started my career in tourism, at Margarita Island, Venezuela.  After graduating I decided to complement my studies with a Master of Business Administration. As soon as I started my new career I felt in love with marketing, customer behavior and innovation, so I digged my way into market research which I have been working on for years. In 2011, after moving from Caracas to Stockholm, while adapting and installing in my new hometown, I took the chance to study a half a year program of Silversmithing and jewelry design. The experience was captivating and the start of this journey.


Silversmithing and Jewelry Design, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm, 2011-2012

Smyckeslinjen, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm, 2011

Master’s in Marketing, IESA Business School, Caracas, 2005

Master of Business Administration, IESA Business School, Caracas, 2000

Master’s in Tourism, Universidad de Oriente, Margarita Island, 1997

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