The tiniest ruffles ever!

Ruffles are all but minimalist, but I find it hard to resist the scandinavian design influence that surrounds me. So here they are, the tiny ruffles earrings. They are perfect for the minimalist lady or for the playful girl. Material: sterling silver Size: 11 mm

Light bulb earrings – BORROWED

    Materials: 6mm freshwater pearls, sterling silver and contact pins from used halogen lamp. Size: 30 mm                   Light bulb earrings belong to BORROWED, a collection of pieces containing parts and materials originally created by man or nature for purposes other than adornment.

Ruffles earrings

The Ruffles earrings measure approximately 18cm in diameter, the same size of a 1 cent coin (United States dollars) o a 50 öre coin (Swedish crowns). They belong to the Ruffles collection which takes inspiration from fashion and art from the sixteen century. Those amazing ruffled collars in white exquisite fabrics that adorn distinguished necks in… Read More Ruffles earrings

Moon earrings

Materials: Silver 925 and 8mm cultured pearls. The silver plate is 14mm in diameter. The Moon earrings belongs to the Moon collection, exquisite pearls served on silver plates.  The inspiration to this collection comes from the dazzling light of the full moon, which gains protagonism, specially on long winter nights as evenings for romance and passion.