Inspiration, materials and the environment


I find inspiration everywhere, anytime. A personal experience, a detail taken from a walk in the park, an unsolved problem. Most of the time the sources are nature, human beings and arts.

I am continuously pursuing perfection, understood as the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

The idea of recycling is very appealing so I experiment with rests and unexpected materials. Sometimes designs remain in black and white, and some others they manage to become real objects, like the party ring made with cotton flower petals.



Silver is an amazing metal to work with. I also work with Bronze and Copper, but since they can create allergies I used them in designs with not direct contact with the skin.

I also enjoy combining silver with Pearls and other natural elements like precious and semi precious stones and seeds.



Environmental and social sustainability are important matters to me. I am happy to take on design challenges parting from leftover silver or from old jewelry pieces, to incorporate them and turn them into new exciting designs. I incorporate natural and environmentally conscious components in the handcraft process as much as possible. I work with materials and tools that I acquire from trustable providers. I do most of my shopping at:

– NorskSvenskGuld and Sargenta for silver and tools.

– Joyeria Botticelli and Crown C International for pearls and stones.

– Geocity, semiprecious stones.

– Westpack, packaging.

It is always a joy to share more details and to get to know better ways to live up to sustainable standards. Reach out to me for more about this topic to

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