Fireball Ring in recycled sterling silver

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The Fireball Ring is a tribute to self-reinvention. It reminds us of the legend of the phoenix, repeatedly reborn form it’s ashes. Small bits of silver, left overs from crafting other pieces, are heated to reach melting temperature. At that point they attract to each other and melt together into a single silver pearl, which cools down and turns solid in the same rounded shape. This is not a statement piece to impress others, but a reminder of self-empowerement.

Approximate measures:

Silver fireball 4 mm.

Ring in rectangular thread, 1 mm X 1,6 mm broad. Sizes available from the tiniest finger to 21 cm. Specify your size when ordering it.

Fireball, an eco-friendly collection

These piece belongs to The Fireball Collection, a tribute to self-reinvention.

The unique sterling silver beads in this collection remind us of the legend of the phoenix. When silver reaches melting temperature, in liquid state it takes the shape of a sphere. Once chilled down it reamins a pure and solid silver pearl. 

The main features of this collection are the silver beads, created from recycled with sterling silver.

Take a sneak peek into the handcraft behind the Fireball Collection!

As all Lorena Sanabria Jewelry pieces, every Fireball piece is handcrafted in Stockholm, by myself.

Exclusive package

Every Lorena Sanabria Jewelry product is wrapped in acid free silk paper and delivered in an elegant jewellery box. It is a gorgeous presentation for a special gift as well as the ideal way to preserve your unique jewellery.

Handmade in Stockholm

Please take into consideration that all Lorena Sanabria Jewelry pieces are handcrafted and therefore all measures are approximate. Smaller variations in size and weight may occur, never bigger than ± 1mm and ±0,5g, and neither differences affect the look and feel of the piece here presented in images and in written description.

Each earring is stamped with “925” for sterling silver and with Lorena Sanabria Jewelrys logo.

Additional information


13 mm (1 US), 14 mm (3 US), 15 mm (4 US), 16 mm (5 US), 16,5 mm, 17 mm (6 US), 17,5 mm, 18 mm (7 US), 19 mm (8 US), 20 mm (9 US), 21 mm (10 US)

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