The Ruffles Collection

I have created The Ruffles Collection to make you feel unique, powerful, beautiful and comfortable, any time you wear it!

Enjoy, thank you for choosing Lorena Sanabria Jewelry, handmade in Stockholm

005Ruffled ring

Ring in sterling silver. Width: 5 mm. Sizes: 14 mm to 18 mm

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mini ruffles earrings 2Ruffled Ear

Stud earrings in sterling silver. Size: 12 mm




Ruffles bracelet thinRuffled Wrist bracelet

A sleek and curvy bracelet to suit several wrist widths. Size 19

SEK 1 395







011Bold Ruffled Wrist bracelet

A statement piece to suit assorted wrists. Size 17

SEK 1 675







All prices in Swedish Crowns (SEK)

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mobile: +46 728 586 595

Address: Tegeluddsvägen 30, 115 40, Stockholm, Sweden.




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The Ruffles Collection is inspired by high fashion of late 1500s and early 1600s.

“Dubbelporträtt av äldre par”, a painting I met at the National Museum of Stockholm by the end of 2010, was the start point of me wanting to do ruffs in silver instead of textile. It impressed me  Lucas van Valckenborchs mastery in capturing the form and surface of silver and textiles and in reflecting the reality, or at least the ambitioned reality, of the period. And of course, that ruffled neck!

Take a look to my board Ruffles on Pinterest for more examples of other designers being inspired and reinterpreting Queen Elizabeth´s and other european aristocracy´s ruffled necks used in that period to make a statement of power, fortune and distinction.

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